Oil & Gas Executive Search

While we are not directly in the recruitment business ourselves we do deal with many high-ranking corporate executives, CEOs, Managing Directors, Chairmen and other executive and non-executive directors.

For those commanding salaries of US$1 million per annum (or the equivalent) or higher we offer a personalized service in assisting to find a suitable position that is appropriately rewarding and satisfies both the oil company and executive. We call this specialist service Executive Search.

Part of Executive Search includes coaching or consulting with executives, as needed, to determine the objectives to be achieved and the desired direction to pursue. Sometimes the focus here is more business orientated and sometimes it is more personal or some combination of the two.

Executive Search – Personalised Services

If you are executive who has been on or is seeking a salary of $1m per annum or more and would like to register your interest in a new position with us and take advantage of our personal service then please contact us or submit your CV, it will be reviewed and one of our consultants will contact you.

Please attach a cover letter at the end of the application process stating what type of role you are looking for, and what countries or regions you are interested in working in.

If you are an Oil Company and would like to list a position with us then please contact us at contact@oiladvisers.com.au

For more information about Executive Search contact via email at contact@oiladvisers.com.au