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Executive and Senior Management Coaching

Executive coaching is often used in times of organisational change to help executives develop the psychological and behavioural skills needed to focus on reaching their work-related goals whilst simultaneously dealing with the turbulence associated with organisational change.

Oil Advisers Executive and Senior Management Coaching provides a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organisations by improving performance through developing skills, confidence and focus.

We have built an impressive track record coaching leaders, directors and high potential senior executives in oil & gas sector.

The core strength of our coaches lies in the combination of their intellectual, commercial and professional experience and results in us being uniquely equipped to engage in highly successful executive coaching at this level.

How we can help organisations

Our Coaches design and execute operational strategies to help your organisation seize market opportunities and overcome challenges. Oil Advisers Coaching has brought together an experienced team of experts to support the oil & gas and energy industry

Our coaches create robust, strong and confidence-building working partnerships and help your organisation discover different perspectives, get focused, set goals, and create action steps that bring results using the best in class processes and a collaborative approach, our expert advisors will support your efforts to make key decisions regarding the management of your resources.

We can also offer guidance as to other opportunities that already exist within the Oil Advisers portfolio. For example, we can help with re-location, career development and advancement, identifying project opportunities, finance, technical assistance, how to divest or how to maximize the value of an existing project or acquire a new one.

As coaching is an integral part of Oil Advisers own corporate network, each of our facilities and areas of expertise is available to the others offering attractive synergies and value-adding potential.

Our customised steps tailored for Oil & Gas sector can help you to:

  • Motivating oneself and others;
  • Developing executive-level skills;
  • Strategic thinking;
  • Tactical problem solving;
  • Enhancing corporate culture and teamwork;
  • Supporting key figures to maximize their contributions;
  • Emotional issues that detract from performance and effectiveness;
  • Coping with pressure, stress and responsibility;
  • Improving the work/life balance;
  • Team with direct experience to help you avoid mistakes;
  • Proven methods to guide strategic thinking;
  • Increasing leadership;
  • Planning & organising and improving time management and overall increased productivity;
  • Mentoring;
  • And many other possibilities.

Please contact us to find out how Oil Advisers can support you with your executive coaching needs.